‘The Foot Fist Way’ Trailer

5 03 2008

This movie looks entertaining. It took the funniest part of an on and off funny movie called Hot Rod, Danny McBride, and gave him his own movie. He recently did a spot on The Conan O’Brien Show and I thought his interaction with Will Farrell and Conan were priceless. I’m not saying the movie looks amazing, but it looks like if you take it for what it is, it can make anyone laugh.

The Trailer:

Conan spot:

The Foot Fist Way is in theatres on April 11th.


Arrested Development Movie Rumors

11 02 2008

I’ve been hearing about a possible Arrested Development movie for a very long time. I’m talking like Summer 2006. I’ve always hoped it would happen, but I was skeptical that it would happen. Now with the relatively recent success of the show’s DVD life (I never undersood why they cancelled it in the first place) and the even more recent popularity booms of Michael Cera and Jason Bateman, my hopes were lifted. These week a new swirl of rumors has started. This comes from Film School Rejects:

“Apparently Jeffrey Tambor had a recent chat with the show’s executive producer, Ron Howard, and Howard asked if he’d be up for a movie reunion. He said “there’s a push to get the movie made” and plans to start pre-production after the writer’s strike ends.”

This is awesome. “Arrested Development” is one of the funniest shows to ever be on television and I think it might have been a few years ahead of its time. I’ll be following this one closely, and I cannot wait to see how it goes.


Possible Return of Writers by Monday!?

9 02 2008

The producers are saying that an agreement may be reached over the weekend between themselves and the WGA, who have been on strike for three months. Even further, several late night talk shows have told their entire staffs to be ready to come in on monday. This comes from the NY Times by way of the almighty Google:

“On Saturday leaders of the Writers Guild of America West and the Writers Guild of America East will hold informational meetings with their members in Los Angeles and New York. If reaction to the settlement proposals are sufficiently positive, the guilds’ boards could end the three-month walkout and allow television and movie writers to return to their laptops even before formal ratification.”

This is awesome news. I’m really glad that both sides are finally willing to meet. Hopefully both sides will make reasonable concessions, as that is the only way anything will ever get moving again. Throughout the whole ordeal of the WGA strike, I’ve definitely sympathized more towards the writers, but to be unwilling to even meet with the opposite side for months is pretty ridiculous. I’m sure we’ll have more news on this as it progresses. Keep your fingers crossed, friends.