It’s Been Far Too Long…

25 06 2008

My life has taken a few weird turns in the last few months. I’ve neglected this site for far too long. Sorry.


Looking Forward

30 04 2008

Summer 2008 is going to be undoubtedly something to remember for a long time, so before we get there, I want to compose a list of reason and why I am looking forward to some, but not others.

First, Wall-E. Ratatouille was good, so were the rest of the Pixar features and shorts for that matter, but none are recognized as 10/10 by critics or fans… maybe a few here and there, but not significantly. So why am I so anxious to see this animated film? The world of cinema needs more animation. The Academy Awards need to be able to nominate an animated feature for best picture. There is no dialogue in the film.
I am a big fan of silent cinema, so when I found out that Wall-E didn’t have much of a vocabulary, I immediately decided this was in my “top 10 films of all times” list… and then reality came back and I still had not seen the film. Maybe it’s all hype at this point, but I cannot wait much longer to see Wall-E.

Second, Hellboy II: The Golden Army. Pan’s Labyrinth was visually stunning, with all it’s Guillermo Del Toro influence, I am amazed it is not held to higher praise. Hellboy 1 had it’s weak spots, but was still an excellent comic book adaptation. Hellboy II looks more like a continuation, or maybe a cross over of the two Guillermo worlds. Meaning this could very well be an amazing film, featuring some of the most unique and terrifying monsters ever shown on screen. I must be quite the Guillermo Del Toro fan, I cannot find many others who share my excitement for this Hellboy installment.

Third, The Dark Knight. Everyone seems to be looking forward to this huge name film, which is well deserved though. Batman Begins was magnificent, one of the darkest and most appropriate superhero films made to date. The viral game ads to it the anticipation also, however, I am not a follower of it. I regret not getting in to the game from the beginning, but that was beginning while the Cloverfield ARG was underway, and I felt as though there was much more mystery behind that (since it wasn’t intentionally a game from the beginning). Heath Ledger makes an awesome Joker, an since his recent passing away, having him get an Oscar nomination for this role would be great. The film’s posters, fan made included, look awesome and are giving myself, and everyone else, unreal anticipation for this film.

Forth, Ironman. At a sort of unfair advantage, Ironman has been given several early reviews of nothing but praise. Hopefully the critics in this case are not full of hot air, I find myself holding quite high expectations for this. I have also been following the progress of the film since early pre-production, so my exposure to the idea has had time to grow and I’ve become very fascinated by the idea. Also, Avengers movies.

Fifth, The Son of Rambow. I’ve only seen one good preview for the film, but now I cannot find that same preview again. That preview has given me such great hope for this film that I now talk about it constantly. The idea is original, the story seems touching and the critics that were at it’s premiere all seemed to love it. This may be a surprise blockbuster.

Sixth, Hancock. Will Smith.

Seventh, Mongol. I had the opportunity to see this at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival but I blew it. Now I’m kicking myself with regret. Oh well, I am glad this is getting a large release and actually being advertised in front of popular feature films. Mongol looks amazing and I’ve heard great things from high places.

Eighth, Speed Racer. The trailers are making this appeal to mostly 6 year olds, but one trailer that has not made it’s way around very well is actually very dark and appealing. I do not know why these films are marketed like this. I love being jaded by visual effects in stupid movies as much as the next 300 fan (however, I’m not a 300 fan), but this seems like it may actually have a deeper message and some seriously ground breaking green screening.

Ninth, The Fall. I have only recently seem the trailer for this, and I am I huge Spike Jonze and David Fincher fan. This film not only looks beautiful, it looks like it may be one of the best released this year. I actually only learned of it while writing the list below, or I would have placed this much higher.

—— I’m looking forward to the above nine films more than the rest, but there are still a handful of films months away from being released that I cannot wait to get my eyes on. Among them are: The Wackness, American Teen, Pineapple Express, Choke, Tropic Thunder, Vicky Christina Barcelona, Religulous, The Go-Getter, Baghead, Towelhead, Transsiberian and a few others that I may have forgotten to name.



The Vice Guide to North Korea

19 03 2008

Vice is a long standing, well recognized magazine that now has a web channel that continues to put out some of the best alternative journalism articles and videos around. They have recently given us a chance to take a peak in to the mysterious (and dangerous) North Korea to get a first hand look on what is happening there. The series created is hosted at now. You can follow the link below for it, too.

This Weekend in Theatres…

13 03 2008

This weekend, March 14th, there are only four big releases hitting theatres. There is Doomsday (R), Horton Hears a Who (G), Never Back Down (PG-13) and Funny Games (R, Limited release)

Funny Games will more than likely be the only thing really worth seeing, but it is a remake and there has been little promotion for it. This one could go either way, but it does seem pretty promising so far.

Doomsday looks pretty bad, I won’t be seeing it unless it gets good reviews elsewhere.

Horton Hears a Who… Dr. Seuss books cannot be recreated with CGI.

Never Back Down, what?

– Keith