Something About Wall-E

12 03 2008


The new Pixar film, Wall-E, had it’s final trailer released today, you can watch it on the Apple website.
I had originally been hoping that there would be as minimal dialog by Wall-E as possible. Sort of like an older silent film, only with more robots. I now am under the impression that we are being set up for a surprisingly verbose robot with too much to say, in a situation where less is more. I would have loved to have seen the animators and directors work to tell the story through actions and subtle details, but if this were the case and I was the one who made the new trailer, I certainly would not have added in any voices. That is just not how something like that should be marketed, but what do I know?
The reason I say the vernacular of a robot beyond a name, bleeps, bloops and curious clinking sounds would be a bad thing is that this probably means either a big let down for audiences everywhere or it will be aimed more towards just families, while the critics leave bad reviews and no award shows even nominate it past best animation. I guess this could also mean that I am dead wrong and Pixar has something amazing in store for us beyond a talking robot film, in which case I will delete all of this out of shame.

I am, despite the worries of a possible major let down, still very excited to see this film. Wall-E may be the film I look forward to the most this year actually. If there is no dialog I will hope this to be the first year an animated feature is nominated for a Best Picture Oscar.
I will bring a review to this site for Wall-E before June 27th 2008, I assure you.

– Keith




2 responses

25 06 2008


I was so excited about Wall-E, the trailer looks great, the visuals… awesome. I was not good at all. I feel bad writing this review. Its like talking crap about a good friend. Again, Wall-E and his unverse of misfits is really, really cute. But not enough to keep you interested. The plot has too many story lines going on and then, they mix real people with CGI humans (didn’t work in Happy feet, neither here) The first half of the movie, fun, different, full of cultural references than if you are less than 20 you might not get. And then, the plot goes bezerk, in a ‘what da…’ way
It was a love/friendship story but never fully developed, or forced.
This movie is an excellent prove that amazing CGI cant beat a good story. I mean, come on guys, when you see the final cut, you gotta see the wholes in the story. Is marketing pushing the release date so hard?? Maybe Im way too saturated of CGI. I love Pixar, I have all the toys, DVD’s and shenanigans ever imaginable.
And I know that merchandising a rat was not easy, and I wasn’t expecting Nemo or The Incredibles (maybe I was)but Brad Bird knows how to tie a not in a story. Wall-E feels boring for kids, and so to adults. Again, It looks cool, but…not enough, at least for me. Cute, flashy…but boring, like some guys I dated before. :yawn:

I would have watched Kung Fu Panda Again.

Im sorry Pixar.

26 06 2008

I hate to disagree so strongly, especially when I can actually see what you are talking about… but I simply loved the film. I’ll have a review up soon!

Where did you see it? I can’t imagine that there were too many showing in these past few days… and based on your comment we saw it around the same time.

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