‘Superhero Movie’ Poster ***PROFANITY WARNING***

27 02 2008

The fellows over at Cinematical give us this poster and synopsis:

“A spoof of several popular superhero flicks, Superhero Movie revolves around a high school kid named Rick Riker who develops superhuman abilities after being bitten by a genetically altered dragonfly. Thus, he soon becomes The Dragonfly … and must go on a quest to stop a supervillain called The Hourglass from taking over the world. Of course, look for a whole slew of ridiculous antics in between.”

I don’t get it. How to the keep throwing this bullshit in our faces so quickly? It seems like the last bullshit spoof movie, Meet The Spartans, only came out a few weeks ago. Every time these movies get released the reviews are rightfully heinous, but they do mindbogglingly well at the box office. The fact these movies make any money at all make my brain want to fucking explode. They’re all the same fucking thing. Why would you need to see more than one!? Seriously, this poster is the exact same thing as all of these other shitty movies. I can’t put into words, exactly how enraged I am right now. All I can say is, for the love of anything that you might hold dear in your hearts don’t see this movie. For the love of any sort of god or other deity, DON’T SEE THIS MOVIE. DON’T SEE THIS FUCKING MOVIE.



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