First Look At ‘Bedtime Stories’

27 02 2008

We get the first photos from Hairspray director, Adam Shankman’s, new film entitled Bedtime Stories, from the guys over at /Film In the fantasy comedy, Adam Sandler plays a man whose life is turned upside down when the wild, outlandish bedtime stories he tells his nephews start coming true. In these photos, Sandler is shown sheilding himself from a magical shower of gumballs with an umbrella.

Adam Shankman is a funny guy, and he has plenty of experience in the realm of family comedies. As long as this Sandler is on point in the film, I think it will turn out just great.



8 responses

25 12 2008

it is gd

30 12 2008

its hell gd mi and ma m8 saw it

1 01 2009

it was rubish

4 01 2009


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