Ellen Page and Cillian Murphy To Star In ‘Peacock’

16 02 2008

She just keeps piling the jobs on. Ellen Page is set to star alongside The Dark Knight‘s Cillian Murphy in a psychological thriller entitled, Peacock. This comes from big bad Yahoo:

“The independently financed film is set in the small town of Peacock, Neb., where a man with a split personality (Murphy) fools the town into believing that his two alter-egos are man and wife. Page will play a struggling young mother who sparks a battle between the personalities.

Michael Lander will direct from a script he co-wrote with Ryan Roy.”

Ellen Page is really the hot ticket right now, as this is the third film that she has been cast in over the last month or so, including Whip It and Drag Me To Hell. Like her or not (I do), she’s going to be around a lot in the near future. The movie itself, sounds pretty interesting, and Cillian Murphy, who was also in 28 Days Later is great. I’ll keep my eye on this one.




One response

14 03 2010

I also keep my eyes on this movie…it’ll be great to see Cillian acting as a woman again…and it’s gonna be harder than before since he has to play both feminin and maskulin

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