16 02 2008

The trailer for Chocolate, the latest Thai film from the director of Ong-Bak and Tom Yum Goong, came out a while ago and it looked awesome. I completely forgot about it until now, when an international AICN spy saw the film and wrote a review of sorts.

“‘Chocolate’ is the story of Zen (Jeeja) autistic girl with the gift of fighting. The same way as Rain Man with Math gift, Zen remembers the fighting movement she watched on TV screen and can react it right away. She was a child of Japan Yakuza who came to do business in Thailand and fell for this girl who’s in loan shark gang. The Gang Boss didn’t impress with this affair and wanted it to end. Japan Yakuza flied back to Japan while the gang girl raised her child alone. But since she’s autistic, mom has to contact the dad to let him know, in case something happen to her.

Zen grew up but Mom get sick with cancer. So Mangmum – the only friend of Zen – took Zen out to get some money on the black book of debts Mom’s hiding.

I mean the storyline is better than before (for Pratchaya and Panna). Making the girl autistic and has the gift for fighting makes sense after I watched the movie. Zen doesn’t afraid/aware of pain. That’s why she fights so hard. And she got the moves from Bruce Lee (Ice Factory scene) and Tony Jaa (Warehouse scene). The first 30 minutes shows you the character and the background. After that, action scenes one after another. The final fight scene will leave you breathless. Just watching this scene in theater makes you feel exhausted. “

I really want to see this movie and I cannot wait until it get’s an American release. You can watch the trailer for it BELOW.



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16 02 2008

I’ve been following this film for quite some time now, I sort of forgot about recently though. Thanks for reminding me!

What’s up with the fisheye/blackandwhite footage towards the end? Looks raw and unedited (??)

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