Neil Young Promoting a New Tour Documentary

15 02 2008

CSNY Déjà Vu takes a look at the 2006 “Freedom of Speech Tour”, a North American CSNY reunion tour on which they played Neil’s newest album entitled “Living With War”. It has screened at Sundance and the Berlin Film Festival recently and has received fairly positive reviews on the internet. Here is a small segment on the film from Sundance Channel.

As a fan of Neil Young and CSNY, I cannot wait to see this. It is startling to see how intense some of the reactions to the songs they played. Clearly many of the fans came into the concert expecting to hear “Our House” and “Teach Your Children” and instead they were hit with politically charged protest songs such as “Looking For a Leader” and “Let’s Impeach The President”. Had he played these songs in my area, I don’t think he would have recieved anything less than positive feedback, but I don’t leave the region often, and it’s jarring to see the way much of the rest of the country feels. The tour also took place in 2006 before the majority of public opinion had turned against the war. He was one of the first mainstream musicians to speak out against the war in Iraq. In any case this looks great and it is Young’s fifth film as director (as Bernard Shakey). I am very excited to see this.



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